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Brewpub Review: Riverfront Taproom

The Riverfront Taproom is a brewpub that opened sometime in 2016. It’s located a few miles down the road from exit 113 at 530 North Harrison Street in Shelbyville, IN. They have ten house beers as […]

Malt Extracts Comparison

Malt extracts are your door into homebrewing. If you’re brewing an extract kit then you’ll start with one of these. There aren’t hundreds of options like traditional grains but there is enough to make a […]

Brew Kettles Comparison

Brew kettles come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. Bigger is always better so go as big as you can. Material isn’t as important as aluminum pots can produce the same beer as […]

Gas Burners Comparison

Your burner is the heart and soul of your brewing operation. A stove burner will be alright for small batches or starting out but you’ll want to move to a dedicated burner eventually. A bigger […]

Cleaning Bottles For Homebrewing

Bottles are an essential part to completing your brewing process. You can go the easy route and simply buy them at a homebrew store but why not save a few bucks. As bonus you’ll get […]

Liquid Yeast

Liquid yeast really is the king when it comes to variety. There are literally hundreds of strains available with more being discovered all the time. No matter what you are brewing you should be able […]

Review: SS Brewtech Brewmaster Bucket

The SS Brewtech Brewmaster Bucket is a cheap alternative to a stainless steel conical. A 7 gallon conical will cost you almost $400. Cheap is relative as the standard model still runs almost $199 while […]

Chemicals, Minerals, & Other Brewing Treatments

There’s a wide assortment of brewing treatments available for many uses. Yeast nutrients, sulphites, and brewing salts are few of them but there are plenty more. It can be quite confusing to figure out what […]

Review: Intertap Flow Control Faucet

Intertap makes a wide range of taps from chrome plated to solid stainless steel. They are comparable to Perlicks but will save you a few bucks. I originally was going to cheap out and go […]

Review: Stack On Dehumidifier

The Stack On dehumidifier is great option for removing moisture from your keezer or fermentation chamber. It’s designed to be used in a closet or safe but the cold doesn’t bother it. It’s rated for […]