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SMaSH 77 IPA Recipe

There’s nothing easier than a SMaSH recipe. SMaSH is short for single malt and single hop. It’s one of the best ways to get a feel for a certain base malt or hop. They...

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Jim’s Fear The Walking Dead Beer Recipe

You might have seen a beer recipe recently featured on Fear the Walking Dead. It’s the perfect post-apocalyptic recipe being that is a Saison based recipe. I’d assume at least one of the writers...


Orange Pomegranate Wheat Beer Recipe

Want a simple minimal ingredient beer that’s light, fruity, and refreshing? If you answered yes then look no further than my orange pomegranate wheat beer. It’s dubbed the “fruity pebble” beer for the amazing...


Recipe: Barrel Aged Raining Russian – Russian Imperial Stout

My Barrel Aged Raining Russian is hands down my favorite beer I’ve brewed so far. I’d made many stouts before but this was my first jump into the barrel aged game. It tasted great...


Recipe: Cherry Coffee Hard Cider

My cherry coffee hard cider is perfect for cider lovers but also gives beer enthusiasts a nice depth of flavors. The base consists of frozen cherry apple concentrate with the addition of coffee added...

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Homemade Raspberry Lemonade Hard Cider

Nothing says summer like a cold glass of lemonade so why not make the hard or alcoholic version? I’ve been making frozen juice concentrate ciders for quite a while now and have been itching...

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