Homebrew Info Links:

American Homebrewers Association – One of your best resources for almost everything for homebrewing. First and foremost there is a great list of recipes from commercial clones and competition winners.  Secondly, there is a great set of instructions on everything from extract brewing to all grain. The community is very helpful and there is a great list of current events and competitions. Everything above is free, but there is also a membership that includes a magazine, discounts and great giveaways.  My favorite thing is their locator for finding homebrew supplies.

Beer Brewing (Homebrew) – Facebook group with over 5,000 other home brewers. There’s a wide variety of opinions and expertise levels to help you with any homebrew questions. The members are all over the world so you should be able to get a quick response at any time of the day. It’s a closed group but as long as you aren’t a spammer you’re welcome to join.

HOMEBREWING 101 – homebrew beer tips, tricks, and share – Another Facebook group with a wide variety of members. I mainly use the first for my questions but tend to help more people here. Also a closed group so don’t spam!

Brew Calculators:

Brewer’s Friend – Several tools and calculators to help with your brews.

Brewtarget – This is currently my go-to putting recipes together. There’s currently a Windows, Mac and Linux version available.

Online Homebrew Stores (Some of these are referal and affiliate links) :

Another great site for equipment and ingredients. They are most notable for having kegs on sale. I bought four kegs, a cereal killer and a few others from them. The kegs and cereal killer are performing well and arrived in perfect shape.

Great Fermentations – They are my go to local shop. They have great prices on ingredients and have quite a few events locally. A good source for CO2 for kegging and very helpful when you need it. I started my homebrewing journey here.

Williams Brewing – A good selection of homebrewing and wine gear. Notable because they also offer coffee roasting equipment. Why not roast your own coffee and brew with it?

MoreBeer – A great selection of everything from equipment to ingredients. Morebeer even has commercial grade brewery equipment for small breweries. I’ve ordered mostly equipment from them. Shipping has been quick and everything has worked out well.

BirdMan Brewing – A more limited selection but great prices on what they have. I bought all my taps and shanks here. They offer package deals to save more money on taps.

47 Hops – A great source for cheap hops.

Brewery Startup Resources: – A nice resource for everything from suppliers to information from other brewery startups.

Small Business Administration – A great place to find funding and help with business plans. Remember you won’t get financial help if you don’t have a solid business plan or some start-up seed money.

Rating / Social Resources:

Beer Advocate – Reviews for almost any commercial brews.

RateBeer –  Another review site for commercial brews.

Untappd – A fun app to earn badges and connect socially. Also very useful for finding local places with something unique on tap. Add me: Bottletobarrel

Noteworthy Beer Blogs: 

Homebrew Academy – Lot’s of good information for beginners to experts. I hope to have a better version of this blog one day.

Feel free to email me if you have a useful link!

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