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Bar Keepers Friend Review

I’ve heard for years about the amazing power of Bar Keepers Friend so I finally gave it a shot. It’s a cleaning product with oxalic acid as its primary ingredient. Bark Keepers Friend or...

star san 0

Star San No Rinse Sanitizer Review

Star San is the star of sanitizers. It’s a fairly weak acid that sanitizes as long as the surface is wet. Only an ounce is needed for five gallons of sanitizer that can finish...

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Oxiclean Free Review

OxiClean Free is my preferred choice for cleaning most of my brewing equipment. Technically Oxiclean is a laundry detergent booster but the free version is perfectly safe for cleaning brew gear. Oxiclean is perfectly...

Vinator bottle rinser with Star San 0

Vinator Bottle Rinser Review

Bottling is honestly one of the worst parts of brewing. The Vinator bottle rinser or sulfiter is the easiest way to sanitize bottles before bottling. Essentially it is a spring loaded pump that pushes...

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Fastrack Bottle Dryer Review

The Fastrack bottle dryer is really just a few trays with holes and a drain pan. It doesn’t sound like much but it makes bottle cleaning very easy. They are better than a bottle...

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