Homebrewing Starting Guide

This page is meant to be a homebrewing starting guide for people ready to brew but not sure where to start. A variety of guides, equipment comparisons and general tips will be included to help get you started. Don’t fret too much but do read up on the basics so your first brew is great instead of just drinkable. Cheers!

Brewing Methods:


Extract Brewing: A guide to starting with extract brewing. Extract is the easiest and least expensive way to get into the homebrew hobby. I do say it’s cheap but realize that homebrewing ends up being expensive as you will always want to upgrade equipment.

Brew In A Bag (BIAB): Coming Soon…

All Grain Brewing: Coming Soon…


Frozen Juice Concentrate Hard Cider: The easiest and cheapest method to make hard cider that is similar to typical American hard ciders like Woodchuck and Angry Orchard.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Equipment Prep:

Cleaning Bottles: Bottles are important as this is where your fermented beverages will probably sit the longest and also the last step in brewing. Bottles can take some time to collect and require immediate attention if you want this step to be easy. Read this step early in your research!

Maintaining & Cleaning Stainless Steel: Odds are you’ll have at least one piece of stainless steel brew equipment. Stainless steel is pretty durable but without proper cleaning and maintenance you’ll end up with rust.

Equipment Comparisons:

Starter Kits: A comparison of many of the popular 1 and 5 gallon kits.

Electric BIAB Systems: A quick comparison of the increasingly popular electric BIAB systems. These are a great option for conserving space.

Burners: A quick comparison of several of the most common burners. BTU’s, price and construction are included for research purposes.

Brew Kettles: A quick comparison of brew kettles from 5 gallons up to 50 gallons. Price, construction and port configurations are included for research purposes.

Fermenters: A comparison of many of the popular fermenters from buckets up to the amazing Unitank.


My Keezer Build: My complete keezer build including way too much info.



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