Homebrew Info Links:

American Homebrewers Association – One of your best resources for almost everything for homebrewing. First and foremost there is a great list of recipes from commercial clones and competition winners.  Secondly, there is a great set of instructions on everything from extract brewing to all grain. The community is very helpful and there is a great list of current events and competitions. Everything above is free, but there is also a membership that includes a magazine, discounts and great giveaways.  My favorite thing is their locator for finding homebrew supplies.

Beer Brewing (Homebrew) – Facebook group with over 5,000 other home brewers. There’s a wide variety of opinions and expertise levels to help you with any homebrew questions. The members are all over the world so you should be able to get a quick response at any time of the day. It’s a closed group but as long as you aren’t a spammer you’re welcome to join.

HOMEBREWING 101 – homebrew beer tips, tricks, and share – Another Facebook group with a wide variety of members. I mainly use the first for my questions but tend to help more people here. Also a closed group so don’t spam!

Brew Calculators:

Brewer’s Friend – Several tools and calculators to help with your brews.

Brewtarget – This is currently my go-to putting recipes together. There’s currently a Windows, Mac and Linux version available.

Online Homebrew Stores (Some are referral and affiliate links):

Another great site for equipment and ingredients. They are most notable for having kegs on sale. I bought four kegs, a cereal killer and a few others from them. The kegs and cereal killer are performing well and arrived in perfect shape.

Great Fermentations – They are my go-to local shop. They have great prices on ingredients and have quite a few events locally. A good source for CO2 for kegging and very helpful when you need it. I started my homebrewing journey here.

Williams Brewing – A good selection of homebrewing and wine gear. Notable because they also offer coffee roasting equipment. Why not roast your own coffee and brew with it?

MoreBeer – A great selection of everything from equipment to ingredients. Morebeer even has commercial-grade brewery equipment for small breweries. I’ve ordered mostly equipment from them. Shipping has been quick and everything has worked out well.

BirdMan Brewing – A more limited selection but great prices on what they have. I bought all my taps and shanks here. They offer package deals to save more money on taps.

Brewery Startup Resources: – A nice resource for everything from suppliers to information from other brewery startups.

Small Business Administration – A great place to find funding and help with business plans. Remember you won’t get financial help if you don’t have a solid business plan or some start-up seed money.

Rating / Social Resources:

Beer Advocate – Reviews for almost any commercial brews.

RateBeer –  Another review site for commercial brews.

Untappd – A fun app to earn badges and connect socially. Also very useful for finding local places with something unique on tap. Add me: Bottletobarrel

Noteworthy Beer Blogs: 

Homebrew Academy – Lot’s of good information for beginners to experts. I hope to have a better version of this blog one day.

Feel free to email me if you have a useful link!

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