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Patagonia Porter Recipe

My Patagonia Porter was an English Porter with a mostly Patagonia malt grain bill. Patagonia extra pale was the base malt with Patagonia 90l crystal providing a lot of complex flavors. Wyeast 1728 Scottish...


Electric BIAB Systems Comparison

Ultimately I want to have a three-vessel electric system setup for my brewhouse. Unfortunately, my current house doesn’t offer an outbuilding or basement for a dedicated brewery space. I could always build one in...

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Brewery Experience

Gain some experience by working at a local brewery. Most of the brewers around here don’t really post jobs very often as there is plenty of interest. It’s not a lost cause though because...

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Use A Beer Glass

I’m generally a beer snob. I love bottled beer and have only recently accepted cans. Either vessel really requires a beer glass for true enjoyment. Smell is a major influence on your taste buds...

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