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Malt Extracts Comparison

Malt extracts are your door into homebrewing. If you’re brewing an extract kit then you’ll start with one of these. There aren’t hundreds of options like traditional grains but there is enough to make...

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Liquid Yeast

Liquid yeast is the king when it comes to variety. There are literally hundreds of strains available with more being discovered all the time. No matter what you are brewing you should be able...

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Chemicals, Minerals, & Other Brewing Treatments

There’s a wide assortment of brewing treatments available for many uses. Yeast nutrients, sulphites, and brewing salts are few of them but there are plenty more. It can be quite confusing to figure out...

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Spices, Sugars & Flavor… The Beginning

Additives or adjuncts are ingredients that you add other than base and specialty malts to contribute flavors. Sugars are nice because they boost your gravity but are dangerous because they can dry out your...

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