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A simple recipe to make your own homemade kombucha.
Mash20 mins
Boil7 d
Type: Drinks
Style: Kombucha


  • 1 Gallon Water
  • 8 Bags Black Tea
  • 1 Package SCOBY With Starter Kombucha
  • 1 Cup Sugar (220 Grams)


  • 2 - 3 Oz Fruit Juice


Brewing the tea

  • Bring 1 gallon of water to a boil. Remove from heat.
  • Tie off 8 tea bags to the side of the pot and let them steep for at least 10 minutes. It's perfectly fine to let them steep the entire cooling time as well.
  • Pour in the sugar and stir to dissolve.
  • Let the tea cool to room temperature. An ice bath will greatly speed up this process!

Preparing the container and SCOBY for fermentation

  • Wash your container with PBW or non antibacterial dish soap. Wash very well to remove any soap residue.
  • Sanitize clean glass jug or ceramic jar with a Star San or distilled white vinegar.
  • Pour SCOBY with starter kombucha.
  • Top off with your cooled sweet tea.
  • Check the ph of the kombucha mixture. It should be below 4.2 for safety and above 2.5 for a healthy fermentation. If your mixture isn't acidic enough then add distilled white vinegar by the teaspoon till you get below 4.2.
  • Cover your container with a double layer of cheesecloth and a rubber band. Move to somewhere draft-free and away from direct sunlight.


  • Allow the kombucha to ferment a minimum of two weeks at room temperature. If you didn't start with a SCOBY it will likely take at least an extra week to give the SCOBY time to grow.


  • Clean and sanitize bottles along with any funnels or equipment you'll be using to transfer your kombucha with.
  • Fill bottles to your desired level leaving room for fruit juice or flavorings. A funnel or an auto-siphon will greatly reduce spillage. Leave a third of your finished kombucha and the SCOBY in the container for the next batch.
  • Top off with a fruit juice, fruit, or simple syrup to restart fermentation for carbonation.
  • Place bottles out of direct light at room temperature to finish carbonating. This takes about a week but they may finish sooner.

The next batch

  • Brew a fresh batch of tea and cool to room temperature.
  • Pour directly on top of what's left from your first batch. You shouldn't have to sanitize the container again if you're brewing it the same day as bottling.
  • Check ph to make sure it's below 4.2. Correct ph if needed.

Maintenance (After a few batches)

  • Remove dead parts of the SCOBY. The odd discolored hanging parts will appear on the bottom after a few batches.
  • Separate your SCOBY once it begins to get too thick. These parts can be given to friends or used to make another batch. Don't forget to give away starter kombucha too.